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“Burning” James Scoolis
(guitars, vocals and soul) Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, James has been setting the guitar neck ablaze while singing in blues, soul and rock bands for over 40 years. Gospel and soul music have always been a passion for him and it is only now that he has found the complimentary players that can make it happen. James is a double threat performer: a soulful singer and greasy, funky and blues oriented guitar player. His guitar influences range from blues greats like BB, EC, Muddy, and Duane to soul and funk masters like Steve Cropper, Jimmy Nolen and Cornell DuPree. His vocal influences are many: James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke to name a few. James is also a founding member, namesake and leader of the band “Burning James and the Funky Flames.” Burning James is a skilled performer; well versed in all forms of American Roots music and brings passionate, performing experience to the stage.

“Bad” Billy Baxmeyer
(bass and vocals) “Bad” Billy Baxmeyer has been a professional musician for over fifty years. Billy is a master of many musical genres— blues, soul, reggae, rock, funk and now gospel. He is also a member of the popular funk band Burning James and the Funky Flames. His powerful, driving bass lines and incredible sense of time provide the BIG bottom for the Funky Flames’ deep funk grooves. Billy also plays with Jimmy “Cool” Conroy in the jazz/soul band The Mystery Brothers. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Billy first brought his love of People, Funk, and the GROOVE to San Luis Obispo 20 years ago and we are all so glad he did.

Jimmy “Cool” Conroy
(guitar and vocals). Jimmy “Cool” Conroy has been performing for over 40 years going back to the surf craze of the Los Angeles South Bay in the 60s. In addition, he was co-founder/owner of the legendary music venue “The Sweetwater” in Hermosa Beach, which put him in the same rooms as many music business legends. Jimmy has been bringing his incredible baritone voice to many successful musical groups over the years including the Vocal Arts Ensemble and also leads the jazz/soul group The Mystery Brothers. His distinctive baritone has caused him to be referred to as the “voice” in the music press. He is also an accomplished guitarist and brings it all with great passion to every Burning, Bad & Cool show.