The History of Burning James & the Funky Flames

Burning James and the Funky Flames kicking back at The Library

Burning James Scoolis had a grooving, funky idea in the spring of 2008 to dig deep into the eternally funky music catalogs of the Meters and James Brown and bring funky dance music to the people. And so began the search for musicians who could play on the funky 'one'; slowly he began to put an amazing line-up together, one musician at a time.
In the fall of 2008 at one of the legendary Clubhouse Blues jam, James saw and heard the house drummer, Rick Pittman. Rick's sharp, styled grooves caught James’ ear immediately. During a break, Rick told James that his first band was called the 'Junior JBs'. With a critical piece of the band right in front of him, James spent the next year or so arranging schedules and obligations and squeezing in some rehearsals while maintaining a working musician schedule playing in other ensembles. The two founding members went off in search of more players who understood the ‘one’.
Over the years the band has grown and evolved. The current lineup features Ken Burton, a veteran performer and master of the keyboards, joined the band in the latter part of 2012. Over the years several outstanding players have held down the saxophone slot, currently held by the amazing Brad Hackleman. In 2014, they expanded to include a live horn section (Bob Bennett on trumpet) and most recently Billy Baxmeyer on bass. This band is cracking!
Burning James and the Funky Flames is the premier Funk and Soul band on the West Coast. They have played hundreds of shows over the past five years and always, ALWAYS bring tight, horn driven, high energy funk, sweet soul with a great NOLA FUNK vibe to appreciative and dancing crowds. They just completed a third CD project that will feature infectious original songs written by the band. In addition, The Funky Flames annually arrange and promote special benefit concerts and have raised and donated over $4000 for local non-profit organizations. Being at a Burning James and the Funky Flames event is as close to a rollicking uptown NOLA par-tay as you can get west of the Great Divide!!