Love for the Band

"Burning James and the Funky Flames are laying down some great songs and the dance floor is on fire"

- Glenn Starkey, New Times (Nov 14, 2013)


"Not only is this a great band playing great funky dance music, but they have fun doing it and if you are in the audience you can tell."

- Neal Losey, KCBX musical director


"Burning James and his band mates pump up concert goers with high energy hits by the likes of James Brown and Marvin Gaye...the Funky Flames feed off the energy of the crowd."

- Sarah Linn, The San Luis Obispo Tribune (May 24, 2012)


"You guys are the right band for this job."

-Archie McLaren at Mardi Gras 2012


"Hey...I just have to let you know... At the coffee shop this morning in Grover, I overheard some people talking about your band. And, just now I overheard another person in SLO talking about your band. In the same day..."

-Ruthan Scow


"Thanks for a rockin' show this last weekend! Can't wait until you're here again on September 22nd. Until then, keep it funky boys!"

-Castoro Cellars Winery



"We had a great time at Peachy yesterday listening to great music and sipping on some fine wine."

-Jennifer Coffman O'Hagan


"Thank you for the incredible performance that you gave at our wedding! ... the guests are still talking about how much they enjoyed dancing to your tunes. Also the sax solo on 'Here Comes the Bride' as well as the individual songs you guys learned for our first dances were all perfect!! Thank you for helping make our special day come true."

-Alli and Ryan


"COLD SWEAT, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Like a sharp needle-of sweet truth and beauty it grabs, holds and sinks its hooks deep into my heart, impossible to ignore. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls."

-David Namerow


" The Mardi Gras Party and Dance benefited the SLO Noor Foundation. Not only did the band give generously, but they gave one heck of a performance. It's easy to see why you have a large following"

-Sharon Brady


"There is a funkamungus and its putting forth a fabulous stank! You guys sound GREAT!"



"I was extremely energized and blown away with your choice of music, your voice, your tightness within the band, the way you interact with your fans, the sound, the way you are organized with the songs leading right into the other, it was and is amazing!"

-Jicay Brannum


"Great wine party last night at penman springs, awesome music,you guys are first class man. Its always cool to hangout with the funkyflames"

-Shirley Burgoyne


"You guys were really hitting your stride last night. Gave me chicken skin. Outstanding!! Great job, ALL of you's guys."

-Bruce Krupnik